A letter to Blood and Platelet Donors from a Blood and Platelet recipient.


Dear Blood and Platelet Donors,

First of all, Thank You. Thank You for your life saving donation. Without you, many people would not be alive today. Myself being one of them. Everyday 1,000s of people donate blood or platelets. Some people donate both. What I have found is many of those people don’t truly know where their donations go. Let me give you a little insight.

At 3 years old I was diagnosed with cancer, blood cancer to be more specific. My main treatment plan was chemotherapy, 2.5 years of it. During the beginning stages of my chemotherapy, my blood counts dropped to a very dangerous level. This required me to need a blood and platelet transfusion. This was one time that your donation saved my life. During my treatment I required more blood and platelet transfusions, these again, saving my life. Through out my life I have known many friends who have received blood and platelet transfusions, some receiving hundreds of them. Some of my friends need constant blood transfusions just to survive week to week.

I know many people out there do not donate because they are scared of needles, that is understandable, especially if you haven’t been exposed to them often. If you have donated blood and are scared or terrified of needles, Thank You. I know how debilitating those types of fears can be. I am grateful to be able to go every couple of weeks to our local Red Cross and witness my mother donating platelets. I also grew up watching my dad donate blood and platelets. Being able to go to the Red Cross and witness people donating is the closest I will ever get to donating myself. Unfortunately, due to have blood cancer I will never be able to donate. Believe me, if I could donate, I would. Blood cancer is one of the few cancers where no matter how long you have been in remission you will never be able to donate blood or platelets due to fear of possibly having dormant cells be passed on to someone else.  Again, I just want to thank all of those out there who have donated blood or platelets. You are literally saving someone’s life. It doesn’t matter if was 1 time or a 100 times, Thank You.



p.s. As I type this I am watching my mom donate platelets.


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