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Emergency Rooms.

Emergency Rooms. My 2 least favorite words.

I like to call myself a professional patient. So trips to the emergency room are a frequent occurrence for me. Through my many emergency room visits I have found that emergency departments aren’t equipped to help those with chronic illnesses or chronic pain. The doctors don’t seem to understand that we know our bodies best and we know how things run in the emergency department. We know what meds we need, what scans need to be run, what needs to happen to help us out the most. Doctors don’t seem to get this and seem to think they know what is best for us. I was recently in the ER for a chronic migraine and I was telling them what meds work best for my migraines and what meds my body can’t handle. They would not listen to me and believed they knew what meds I needed. We argued about what the best plan of action was for treatment. After debating back and forth for what seemed like forever, they finally listened to me and found out I was right the entire time.

Another issue I have is they don’t seem to take my illnesses and pain seriously. It’s like I have to prove to them that I am actually sick and in pain. They don’t seem to believe me when I tell them my pain level is an 8 or 9, but to them I look fine. I have become so used to being in pain that I hide it pretty well, but that doesn’t mean that I am not in a massive amount of pain. During this most recent hospital visit, it took them 8 hours to get me pain meds, I was in the ER for a total of 9 hours and the last hour they finally gave me pain meds. This was after stating what pain meds would actually work for my migraine.

Things get really frustrating when you end up the ER and get stuck with a doctor who has no clue about your illness (which is most of the time), and you are stuck instructing them on what it is and how its treated. Being in the ER is stressful enough, it becomes even more stressful when you get stuck with a doctor who doesn’t understand a thing about your medical history. In a perfect world doctors would know everything about all the chronic illnesses out there. That won’t happen anytime soon, but I still hold out hope. My hope is that one day those who battle chronic illnesses and chronic pain, will be able to go into an emergency department and the doctors and nurses will be able to help them without having to explain what their illnesses are. All of you out there who have had this battle, you aren’t alone.



3 thoughts on “Emergency Rooms.”

  1. As a nurse, and a frequent patient who has epilepsy and chronic pain issues you’re absolutely right. I personally try to avoid going to the ER at all costs because not that they’re bad doctors/nurses, but they’re mainly there to keep people stable not for any treatment. They don’t know the ins and outs of our illnesses and what works best like specialists do who may be more willing to listen. ER docs I find to be a little bit more arrogant because they save lives on a daily basis they feel they have that right. Am I saying it’s right? Absolutely not. Listening to patients saves time. As for the chronic pain thing, yea the ER is unfortunately the worst place to go for that especially now with a drug epidemic going on. Doctors are more hesistant and less trusting and rightfully so. Last time I went to the ER my pain was a 9 and I didn’t ask for pain meds, all I wanted was my kidneys tested but they still called me a liar. It’s terrible for them to treat people who are suffering in that way. It’s not their job to judge, just to treat. My best suggestion is to find a doctor you can trust that you can reach and get ahold of in emergency situations. Obviously in some situations the ER is unavoidable. So I wish you the best of luck in future instances. But don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. If you feel mistreated, you can call the ombudsman or tell them you’re going to. Things should change

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    1. Thanks for your comment! I definitely try not to go to the ER. My most recent visit was for precautionary reasons because I just had brain surgery and migraine plus brain surgery I was in unbearable pain. I am super lucky to have 2 amazing specialist that I see, but things always seem to get bad at the worst time. Thanks for the advice on the ER. I try to voice my opinion as much as possible, just sometimes I get a little hesitant in unfamiliar situations. Thanks again for the comment!



      1. No problem funny I comment on ER, and then next thing ya know I had to go there. About to write a post about my ER experience, should be up in about 10-15minutes, check it out!


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