About Me!

Why The Brain Fog Chronicles?

Simple. I used to have a great memory, I could remember names, faces, addresses, paragraphs, I used to even be able to remember multiple lines for a skit I was a part of. The key word in the last couple sentences was used to. My memory isn’t that great anymore. My brain has been affected by two simple words: Brain Fog. Two words that every chronic illness warrior knows of. Now a days I am lucky if I remember what I was saying in a simple conversation. As I sit here writing this I have to keep reminding myself what I was going to say or else I will forget.

When I was diagnosed with my first chronic illness I was young and wasn’t really affected by Brain Fog. It also didn’t really affect me when I was growing up. It wasn’t until I was in my latter years of High School that my memory really became affected. I noticed something had changed because I would be talking to someone and constantly lose my train of thought. It didn’t happen as frequently as it does now a days, but it happened enough that I noticed it. It all went downhill from there. One of my chronic illnesses is a neurological condition and between that and my meds I am lucky to remember my own name.

I want everyone out there who suffers from Brain Fog to know that they definitely aren’t alone. There are many of us out there who know exactly what it’s like and understand your struggles. For all you out there who are new to brain fog, just know you aren’t crazy and there is a reason behind the forgetfulness.




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